Courier Management Program
Courier Management Program is a module of our Parcel Management Program.
CMP enables the couriers to get up-to-date information on their handheld devices so deliveries can be made quickly and efficiently. It provides the following tools to streamline courier daily tasks:

Loading control

Provides a list of packages that need to be loaded on the transport and provides tools to the couriers to make sure that the right packages are loaded to the transport for delivery.

Task lists

Courier at any given point knows what tasks he still needs to do and also reports about the done tasks, which range from delivery and pick-up activities, taking Proof of Delivery signatures, accepting Cash on Delivery and many more.

Route management

Couriers are provided with the route for deliveries that they should follow to make the most efficient round trip.

Hand over to PUDO points

System provides possibilities to manage workflows where hand over of packages to Pick Up and Drop Off Points is required.

Communication with HQ

All task communication between couriers and logistics operators is done through PMP and all messages are received in the CMP on the handheld device. Adding and accepting tasks with confirmation of receipt has never been so easy.