Based on our successful and lengthy business experience and using the best Lithuanian and foreign scientists and talents we are creating a unique product, which is based on artificial intelligence –
The main purpose of the product is to help business to take the right decisions. can not only analyse historical data, consumer behaviour and habits, but it can also foresee possible threats and risks and propose appropriate solutions.
The product is unique, because it can be applied in any sector or work area.

Finance planning:

  • to make a 360° cross-cutting analysis of costs
  • to show the biggest inefficiency and its causes
  • to foresee financial flows
  • to model several variants for business development, costs optimisation and other desired models

Management of human resources:

  • to analyse efficiency of personnel
  • to identify possible threats due to a human factor: malicious, due to lack of experience, motivation
  • to foresee demand for human resources having regard to the nature of a business, historical information and internal criteria
  • to help personnel solve day-to-day problems

Management of processes:

  • to identify demand for new processes
  • to analyse existing processes and their financial benefit
  • to determine if the process creates more advantages or disadvantages

Management of customer relations:

  • to propose and help customers and partners to take right decisions
  • to identify the most profitable or the most problematic customers and partners
  • to foresee possible threats due to loss of customers
There are many other fields in addition to those mentioned above. The product created by us is unique not only because it can be applied in all fields, but also because it provides the opportunity for the user to create new rules and algorithms himself/herself thus giving it unlimited functionality. uses global technologies created by companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook.