Parcel Management Program
Megodata PMP (Parcel Management Program) is a web-based IT system that helps you organize and monitor parcel business for our client – leading logistic company in Baltics.
PMP excels at managing the first and last mile delivery business that spans multiple terminals and/or cross-country operations.
The program provides tools to cooperate with your customers in a transparent way as well provides workflow optimization insights.

Benefits to our client

  • Megodata PMP helps as a parcel delivery service provider to grow and tackle everyday challenges by improving transparency and measurability of your daily tasks.
  • It is aimed at automating your business and providing crucial information for making the right and timely decisions.
  • Megodata PMP provides you a platform to exchange information and improve cooperation with your customers.
  • End to end parcel business solution.

Benefits for customer

  • Convenient calling for pick-up service
  • Quick registering of new parcels
  • Creating parcel labels
  • Parcel tracking with Proof of Delivery on-line
  • Running reports for services rendered
  • Cash on Delivery (COD) reports
  • Availability of up to date tracking information of all parcels
  • Integration with customers’ IT systems

Benefits for the courier

  • Android Application for handheld device
  • Online and offline operation
  • Initiation of document printing from handheld device
  • Control of parcel loading status
  • Direct messaging to handheld device
  • Automated Proof of Delivery capture and tracking
  • Cash on delivery support
  • Photo documentation of events (e.g. parcel damage)

Benefits for the logistics operator

  • Parcel registration and management on-line
  • Early planning
  • Real-time courier monitoring and control (GPS)
  • Delivery routes management (live)
  • Distribution center management
  • Automated photo capturing of each package for easy tracing
  • Integration with CRM, ERP systems and e-shops
  • Courier task assignment (delivery to handheld devices)
  • Petrol consumption control
  • Salary management
  • KPI monitoring